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On several occasions, we've had the opportunity to design wine labels, a process we've always enjoyed tremendously. In this project, which we are now presenting to you, we have gone above and beyond as we were entrusted with the overall design of a range of three wines from the Ronadelles Winery. Our task included the conception and design of everything: selecting bottle types and materials, label design, illustrations, and packaging.

This is a range of wines from the DO Tarragona, inspired by the historical influence of the Romans in the city, and this influence is evident in all the decisions we've made during the design process. We've used materials like wax, esparto, sisal twine, and wood. Our goal was to present very elegant wines of great quality with minimal resources.

If you'd like to try them, you can find these exclusive wines in the finest specialty stores and on the Ronadelles Winery's online shop.