We are 4funkies. We are a communication studio born in 2002. We are in Barcelona. We love creativity. We love strategic creativity. We like all kinds of graphic design. Vintage, modern, classic, disruptive. We do not have any style. We do manage all of them. We think every single project is unique and requires a unique approach. We are different. Well, we are not sure.

//hi there

>my name is funkynstein
>i am not ugly
>just different



>my name is funkytronic
>best robot ever
>future is my culture



>my name is funkybella
>my mirror-mirror says
>i am pretty-pretty



>my name is funkysaurus
>i hate asteroids
>i love vintage design


Please contact us if you are thinking about a new corporate identity, website, e-commerce, mobile, video, print, emailing campaign, social media. You name it.