→ Faith moves mountains (and cabbage!)

Beleavers is one of the leading vegan gastronomic groups in the country, and in recent years, they have successfully opened three restaurants in Barcelona.

The new brand identity of Beleavers, developed by 4funkies, revolves around the concept of beliefs, as their founders are staunch advocates of vegan culinary choices and enjoy evangelizing, with utmost delicacy, to those who are willing to listen. This allows us to establish a dual play between the world of cuisine and the religious realm, creating a fascinating language of its own.

For the design of the identity, a unique graphic code was created, rooted in the organic shapes typical of the vegan world, which translates primarily into two elements: a distinctive typography and a set of geometric elements that can be combined in countless different ways.

In this project, we crafted the naming, the graphic identity, various communication pieces, and their Instagram account. Currently, we are working on their corporate website